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The Wayward Artist's Next to Normal

"Erica Schaeffer, who plays Natalie, has a wonderful voice and sings beautifully throughout the production space." 

- LA Theater Bites

"Supporting performances are all-around winners...Schaeffer's achingly vulnerable Natalie is more than able to meet the considerable vocal challenges of Kitt's high note reaching melodies."

-Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

"The ensemble is uniformly strong, with Wyn Moreno's Dan and Erica Schaeffer's Natalie contributing particularly passionate and fully formed portrayals."

- Joel Beers, OC Weekly 

Ms. Schaeffer is a true double barreled shotgun when it comes to performance and vocals. Her attention to detail is amazing. Her own anthem, "Superboy and the Invisible Girl," was the musical number that I still can't get out of my head, and her flawless execution of it is certainly the reason why."

-Chris Daniels, The Show Report

Chance Theater's Parade

"At Chance, Everman and Schaeffer aren’t just a tense, ill-at-ease Leo and quiet Southern belle Lucille; the scenes of the two falling in love as if for the first time are genuinely moving, albeit tinged with melancholy." 

-Eric Marchese, OC Register

"Their voices twine, gorgeously, in "All the Wasted Time." Here, as always, Schaeffer displays a crystalline voice and true heart; Everman brings a finely calibrated performance to its penultimate moment."

-Daryl H. Miller, LA Times

"Schaeffer's portrayal is perhaps the most three-dimensional and well rounded of those seen here... a Grade-A vocal force to be reckoned with...Her heated benediction, "Do It Alone" is a bonafide highlight." 

-Leo Buck, Independent Reviewer

"Allen Everman vanishes inside Leo's painfully repressed, socially awkward skin opposite Erica Schaeffer's mousy- turned-radiant Lucille, and both sing quite gloriously indeed, never more so in their deeply moving, gloriously sung "All The Wasted Time." 

-Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

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